Why Body psychoanalysis?

Because you physically re-live past, forgotten, painful events, you make it possible for you to have a different understanding of the present.
Because you become aware of how your traumas took place, you can fully understand who you are today.
Because you are at peace with your own past story, it is no longer an invisible prison and you can fully enjoy the present.

Catherine Berte

Is Doctor of Sciences, Professor of Genetics at the University of Charleroi (Belgium), body psychoanalyst, Secretary General of the Body Psychoanalysis French Institute IFPC ®-..

co-author of the book “Ni bourreau ni victime, les apports de la psychanalyse corporelle” (Editas Pub.Co. 2009).

She met Bernard Montaud (who founded psychoanalysis 25 years ago) in 1994 and she closely works with him, on his researches about the 4 traumas that make one's personality.
Since 2005, she has been helping those wishing to re-live personal past key events. She proposes sessions and concrete tools to make the most of that experience. It is therefore a true accompaniment that she offers.

* L 'I F P C is Body Psychanalysis ® French Institute - -